Freitag, 7. März 2008

Punk & Disco

Der Kollege vom Beta Blog hat das Harvey-Interview leider nicht verlinkt. Deshalb erlaube ich mir, einen winzig kleinen Auszug zum Thema Punk und Disco hier zu zitieren:

"Beta blog: I was talking to someone about the differences in 1977 between punk and disco.

Harvey: The same? (laughs). Coming from a hardcore perspective... In the UK, they were closer aligned, but US punk, it didn’t deal with disco. I love to give US punk a hard time. they love to hate British punk as well, especially in California. As punks, we would love disco, because you weren’t supposed to. As a real punk, you were always contrary. I don’t want to dump on (laughs) those cats, cuz they feel very passionate about their scene, but punk, you gotta be contrary. If you’ve fallen into a part-time punk, then that’s not punk.

Beta blog: It’s like being a weekend warrior.

Harvey: Punk’s a state of mind, like disco. They’re actually very closely linked, just as an expression of freedom, through the dance and dressing up."

Das komplette Interview gibt's auf der Seite des Beta Blogs.

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